General conditions


1. Introduction

The terms of sale as set out below form an integral part of the contract between you and Tropical Home. Please read the following information carefully.

2. Registration, signature of the contract and payment terms

Reservations can be made to our services, in writing, by telephone, on our website or through an organization with a collaboration agreement with Tropical Home. A deposit of 25% of the total amount must reach us within 72 hours from the reservation date. The contract will be considered as concluded upon receipt of the deposit. In the absence of payment within 72 hours, Tropical Home will consider that you have cancelled your stay. The balance is due no later than 30 days before the start of the stay. In case of late bookings, less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the entire invoice is due on the day of booking. The conclusion of the contract is therefore subject to receipt of this payment in full.

Any customer who has not paid the balance on the agreed date will be considered as having canceled his stay. Tropical Home will consider itself free from any obligation. The accommodation will be offered again for sale and no refund will be made.

Upon receipt of the payment and before the beginning of the stay, Tropical Home will send you the contact details of the person in charge of welcoming you and all information to go to the accommodation.

3. Prices

Prices published for holiday accommodations are per night. The number of persons authorized per property is defined as the maximum capacity: adults, children and babies included.

The tourist taxes and final cleaning are included in the price.

Payment of rental charges and available supplies are also included in the price (city water, electricity, air conditioning, internet access). Nevertheless, in case of abnormal use, an additional price may be applied.

If the Tenant needs a change of linen during its stay (only for stay of 14 nights and more, on simple request), there are extra fees (16 € per person VAT included).

Any special services you have requested will be paid on arrival.

Tropical Home endeavor to ensure that all the information on his website is accurate, however occasionally changes and errors occur and Tropical Home reserves the right to correct details in such circumstances. Tropical Home makes every effort to make sure that descriptions, photographs of furniture and fittings etc. are accurate, however there may sometimes be changes Tropical Home is unaware of, and therefore vary from his website copy and photographs. Tropical Home accepts no liability should a description or a photograph be inaccurate. If a particular facility offered in a property is essential to the booking of your holiday, please ensure that Tropical Home is made aware of this prior to you completing the booking confirmation pages.

4. Changes of prices and services

The descriptions of the rentals and the calculation of the prices are believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Rates, furnishings, fees, and taxes are subject to change without notice. The updated data will be mentioned on your confirmation / invoice (see paragraph 2).

5. Check-in time and check-out time

Check-in time is between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM, and Check-out time is between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM (no exceptions except if you have an arrangement with Tropical Home).

Please call in advance if you may be arriving after 7:00 PM or leaving before 8:00 AM so that arrangements can be made with the person in charge of the check-in/check-out whose contact details will be communicated to you (you will be charged 50 € for late arrival – after 7:00 PM - or early departure – before 8:00 AM).

Guests that do not vacate the rental property by 11:00 AM without the consent of Tropical Home are subject to a fee equal to one (1) rental day.

If you cannot take possession of your rental on the days and times scheduled, the total cost of the stay is due. The same is true for any shortened stay. If you wish to extend your stay, please call Tropical Home to verify this possibility. Except in the cases of cancellation provided for in article 6 below, all the amounts invoiced remain due if you do not take possession of the rental for any reason whatsoever.

6. Cancellations

For cancellations, a cancellation fee will be retained based on the time between the cancellation date and the beginning of the stay according to the schedule below (excluding covid 19 reasons - our new cancellation policy for covid 19 reasons is mentioned in paragraph 11):

• More than 4 weeks: 25% of the total cost of the stay

• Between 4 weeks and 2 weeks: 50% of the total cost of the stay

• Between 2 weeks and 7 days: 75% of the total cost of the stay

• Less than 7 days before the beginning of the stay: The total cost of the stay is due.

In case of no-show, the total cost of the stay is due.

In all cases, the cancellation must first be communicated by telephone and confirmed in writing (mail, fax or email). It is the date of this writing that will be taken into account.

7. Change and Non Availability of accommodation

On rare occasions, it may be unavoidable to change the Tenant chosen villa because of circumstances beyond Tropical Home control; Tropical Home will endeavor to inform the Tenant of this as soon as possible and offer the Tenant either alternative accommodation of similar or superior standard, a refund if nothing is suitable or discuss other options. No further claim against the owner or Tropical Home for any loss suffered will be considered.

8. Obligations of Tenants

• Upon arrival, the tenant has to pay the security deposit provided for in the agreement. The amount depends on the size and value of the property. Depending on how the keys are handed in, the deposit will be requested by a pre authorization on credit card or in cash. In case of refusal of payment, the entry of the rental may be refused to you.

• The agent is entitled to refuse the entry of the rental for any supernumerary, adult or child of any age, as well as any unforeseen animals on the reservation.

• If more than the number of persons occupies the unit stated, the result will be a cancellation of this agreement and enter premises. Upon notice of termination of this agreement, the Tenant shall vacate the premises immediately and forfeit all rents and security deposits.

• An inventory of the furniture will be given to the tenant upon entering the premises. If the inventory is not established and signed by Tropical Home and the tenant simultaneously, the inventory made by Tropical Home alone and given to the tenant when he enters the premises will be questionable by the tenant within 48 hours of entering the premises. In the absence of any objection by the tenant within this 48-hour period, the inventory communicated to the tenant upon his arrival into the premises, will be considered as accepted by the tenant. Security deposit will be refunded in full after tenant has vacated property, and a complete inspection of the house has been completed determining that there have been no damages other than normal wear and tear done to the home.

• Tenant agrees not to damage the property or its furnishings. Tenant agrees to pay the cost to repair or replace any damages or loss caused by Tenant’s or Tenant’s guests to the premises or associated personal property.

• The Tenant is responsible for washing dishes, taking out trash, emptying refrigerator, cleaning barbecue and plancha, and leaving the unit generally clean, damage-free and in good shape for our cleaning team.

• In no event, may the maximum occupancy (as listed on this agreement) be exceeded without written consent.

• Smoking is not permitted inside any unit. Outside smoking is permitted; please do not throw cigarette butts outside. If you smoke inside the unit or permit it from others, an amount of 150 € will be deducted from the security deposit (for cleaning to remove the odor).

• No pets are allowed in or on the premises unless Agent has expressly authorized such use. In the event of non-compliance, an amount of 150 € will be deducted from the security depost.

• Tent Camping or Campers on property are not allowed. House Parties, weddings, reunions or special events are not permitted. Noise must be kept a reasonable level as not to cause a disturbance to the neighbors or general public. In the event of non-compliance or intervention by the police for noise, the Tenant will loose the entire security deposit.

• In case of damage, the tenant must immediately report to Tropical home office. The tenant shall be held liable for damage, unless he can prove that such damage is not caused by him or by the persons accompanying him. The amount of damage will be charged to him.

For safety reasons, please:

• Use only the mobile barbecue on the deck without moving it and making sure the fire is extinguished after use. It is forbidden to light the fire near the house.

• Be careful not to throw cigarette butts out of the ashtrays and make sure they are turned off.

• The tenant is not authorized to subscribe to TV channel or VOD rentals. In the event of non-compliance, these costs will be charged to him as well as administrative management costs. Concerning the internet access available in the accommodation, the Tenant is legally and financially responsible for the use, and he undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force. He undertakes in particular (without this list being exhaustive) not to consult internet pages whose content is prohibited such as pornography, pedophilia, racism, incitement to violence, not to illegally download protected works, not to not commit crimes and acts of piracy that infringe the rights and security of others...

9. Complaints and claims

If, on arrival, the tenant finds that the rental is not in conformity with what was foreseen, or if he finds any defects, he must immediately inform the person in charge of the reception. Should this person not be able to remedy the situation within a reasonable time, the tenant should inform the Tropical Home office. These same rules apply for defects observed during the stay. The person in charge of the reception can receive your complaints, see them and try to remedy them but is never able to judge the merits of the claims and the possible compensation.

Complaints and claims for compensation are only admissible if they are submitted in writing, with supporting evidence, within a maximum of eight days after the end of the stay and directly to the Tropical Home office.

If these rules are not respected, the tenant loses all right to compensation.

10. Liability

Should a gross defect or fault be detected in a holiday home, Tropical Home will normally offer the tenant an equivalent holiday home of the same price level. Should the alternative holiday home be of a lower price, the price difference will be refunded. Should it not be possible to find a satisfactory solution due to a lack of available properties or due to the non-acceptance of the alternative holiday home by the tenant, the total rent or a part of the rent will be refunded according to the degree of liability determined by Tropical Home.

• Tropical Home does not accept liability for any act or neglect on the part of the owners or any other person not within their employ or their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury or expense, whether to person or property, which the tenants may suffer arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting.

• Tropical Home is not responsible for conditions created or caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of the tenant.

• Tropical Home is not responsible for conditions created or caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of the owner if he is in charge of the management of the property.

• Tropical Home is not responsible for any weather conditions or acts of god or nature that happen during Tenant’s stay on premises. (no refunds will be made).

• Tropical Home shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property of the Tenant. The Tenant acknowledges that it is Tenants responsibility to insure its own property.

• Tropical will not be responsible for interruption of electricity, water, internet, telephone or satellite television service or gas beyond our control. The tenant may not end this agreement because of these interruptions.

Regarding the rentals with swimming pool (private or collective), the access is use at own risk. The owners and Tropical Home will not be responsible for any accident, regardless of fault. The access of minors to swimming-pool (if so) can only be done under the supervision and responsibility of parents.

The tenants use at their own risk elements available to them (such as barbecue, plancha, etc. ...). The owner or Tropical Home is not responsible for accidents or injuries incurred during their use.